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Import / Export


Import / Export

Alongside our driver-accompanied services into Europe we have an established network of reliable agents. Allowing us to move goods with confidence and at the same time offering you the best services, at a competitive price.

With our attention to detail we endeavour to ensure a smooth movement of all export/import shipments ensuing all necessary documentation is accurate for the relevant customs authorities.

Airfreight Services

➤ Consolidation service worldwide
➤ Import, Export and Cross Trade services worldwide
➤ Urgent Courier services worldwide
➤ Competitive rates
➤ Export packing
➤ Pick and pack facility

Container Services

➤ Full Load Container (FCL) services worldwide
➤ Groupage Container (LCL) services worldwide
➤ Export, Import and Cross Trade services worldwide
➤ Container loading and unloading facilities
➤ Members of BIFA and FIATA
➤ Case making


➤ Certificate of Origin
➤ EUR 1 forms
➤ Airway bills
➤ Bills of lading
➤ Import Customs clearance
➤ Transit insurance (if required)

All of the above forms can be completed if necessary for your shipment.

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